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    Ruoff Group Facilities

    Park Scientific AutoProbe CP/MT Research (MultiTask) scanning probe microscope

    Supports all AFM/STM imaging modes

    Two scanners:

    - Linearized 100 μm scanner

    - 5 μm scanner

    On-axis optical system with the video monitor

    Park Systems Model XE-100 AFM

    Independent XY and Z scanners

    Supports all modes of operation

    Optimized for non-contact operation

    Witec Alpha 300 micro-Raman confocal microscope

    With red and green laser excitation

    AFM and NSOM options

    Wyko NT9100 Optical Profilometer

    Zeiss Axiovert 100A Light Microscope

    Bright and Dark Field illumination

    Differential interference contrast (DIC)

    Transmitted and reflected illumination

    Video enhanced microscopy with Hammamatsu 10 bit CCD camera

    Zeiss Axioscop Light Microscope

    Cold walled reactors, home made

    Resistive heating substrates, low vacuum

    RF inductive heating of substrates, high vacuum.

    Potentiostat model PESTAT302N by Autolab

    TGA, model 4000 by Perkin Elmer


    1000° C 12 inch programmable tube furnace

    1200° C 24 inch programmable 3-zone tube furnace

    FEI Quanta-600 FEG Environmental SEM

    Plasma cleaner. Plasma Preen II, by Kurt J. Lesker, with argon and oxygen

    Home-built manipulation stages and nanostressing stages

    A manipulation stage which operates inside of an SEM

    - The value of this home-built tool is ~$55,000

    - Its use was described in an article in Science

    - It is currently being used for studies of mechanical relaxation, and electromechanical response, of a variety of nanotubes and nanowhiskers.

    Tektronix 200 MHz 4-Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    Struers Accutom Precision Saw

    Struers Optical Polishing System




    Neslab RTE-111 Recirculating Heater/Chiller

    Ace Glass Sonochemical Apparatus

    Barnstead E-Pure Water Purification System

    Polaron E3100 critical point dryer

    Deben Microtest MTEST300 module

    Additional Central User Facilities available at UT Austin are listed on the Texas Materials Institute website.